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ANSI approved helmets are required on this ride. If we see you on course wearing a Skagit spring classic number and not wearing a helmet. We will not give you water, supplies, or any home made cookies. We will not give you the time of day! We will give you dirty looks. USE YOUR HEAD, WEAR A HELMET !

No Refunds! Your money has already been spent. We are sorry if your Great Aunt has passed away, or if on the day of the ride you are not feeling well. Whether or not you are able to ride your money has gone to the purchase of supplies, (portable toilets, water, etc). All proceeds are given to local charities. That new carbon time trial bike that you will see me on next month has nothing to do with the Spring Classic. Thanks for understanding.

SAG Support If you get too tired to go on, or your bike breaks, We have vehicles stationed all along the route to help you.
Our S.A.G. drivers are wonderful people, but most of them are NOT bike mechanics. (In fact, many are non-cycling friends of people who are doing the ride.) When they pick you up, they will usually not be able to fix your bike. Instead, they will take you to the next rest stop where you can get additional help or a lift all the way to the start / finish line.
S.A.G. drivers can also not take you to a movie, to pick up your dry cleaning, or to grandma’s house.

What happens if I want to ride the course without paying? Nothing. It's a public road we can't stop you. We can choose to not give you cookies or Gatorade. Two years ago a group with one paying rider was on course. They all crashed and suffered broken bikes and road rash. (Our SAGs offered assistance.) Karma is a powerful thing. Day of registration is availible at the start.

Yes the Stoker on the back of the tandem also needs to register. Come on folks. . . The proceeds are going to charity.

Below is the fine print on our waiver that you must sign when you check in.

No rider will be permitted to ride without a signed Liability Waiver (required by our insurance carrier) In consideration of the acceptance of this entry and by signing this release myself (or for participant if under 18)

I agree to RELEASE HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY Skagit Bicycle Club and all sponsors their respective officers agents and members The Washington Department of Transportation and any other parties connected with the Skagit Spring Classic bicycle event for any injury or loss ordamage suffered as a result of participation in the Skagit Spring Classic bicycle event or any activity associated with it including injure, loss or damage caused by NEGLIGENCE

1. I understand there is certain risk associated with riding including the risk of serious personal injury or death and I expressly agreed to assume those risks.

2. I understand the route chosen is challenging not necessarily the safest or easiest route and that the weather conditions may make this more difficult. I warrant that I am in proper physical condition to participant in this event that I am a sufficiently competent cyclist to handle the road conditions and that my bicycle is in safe operating condition.

3. I understand that wearing a helmet that meets the ANSI or Snell bicycle safety standards can minimize head injuries which may occur in a cycling accident and that Skagit Bicycle Club requires all Skagit Spring Classic riders wear a helmets while participating in this event and follow the rules of the road all applicablelaws and safe bicycling practices is my responsibility to assure that my helmet meets ANSI or Snell standards. And that bicycling practices is my responsibility

4. I understand that this Release is also binding on my heirs and representatives If I am signing on behalf of a minor I accept full responsibility for all medical expense incurred as a result of the minor participation I agree to HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY the entities named above for any claims bought on behalf of the minor